The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

 by Martin Belam, 27 March 2004
"Mr Dacre was particularly scathing about Mr Campbell's handling of the events leading up to the death of Dr Kelly, which he described as a 'very cynical regime to try and break the BBC.'

'It's part of Campbell's policy that if you don't support the Government you have got to be broken and demonised' Mr Dacre added, describing the aftermath of the Hutton inquiry as a 'terrible, terrible tragedy' for the BBC."

This article in The Independent was talking about Paul Dacre's appearance before the Public Administration Committee inquiry into the Phillis review on Thursday.

Naturally his newspaper would never demonise people it was opposed to. Yesterday's lead story in the Mail?

"Police Seize Asylum 'Mr Big'

A failed asylum seeker was accused yesterday of being the gangmaster behind a £5million network of illegal immigrant workers."

Today's lead story in the Daily Mail?

"Rise Of The Bogue Bride
One in Five Weddings In The Capital Is An Asylum Scam

Sham marraiges involving illegal immigrants have reached 'epidemic proportions'"

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