DCMS publishes BBC Charter Review responses

 by Martin Belam, 16 February 2004

As a member of BBC staff I didn't think it appropriate to submit my thoughts to the DCMS Charter Review consultation - although I suppose as a Licence Fee payer and a voter I probably should of. The DCMS has had over 1,300 responses, and on its website has now published a selection. I've only looked through some of them on one page so far - 'H' - but it is fascinating stuff. Already I've come across such diverse suggestions and opinions as:

  • Rent out or sell off Broadcasting House, Television Centre and Bush House, and then move into the regions to cut costs
  • A single issue complaint about one BBC Breakfast item on hunting with dogs
  • That the BBC should concentrate on quality rather than quantity
  • That the BBC should pay more attention to sexuality issues
  • That the BBC should provide an annual survey with the television licence bill
  • That one viewer stopped watching the BBC six months ago because of increasing on-screen male nudity
  • That commercial funding of the BBC is an "anathema"
  • That the BBC has developed a great website which is full of great and helpful information

I agreed with the last point anyway. I shall probably come back to this when I've had a chance to look through it a bit more thoroughly...

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