Leaf-fall timetable starts today

 by Martin Belam, 13 October 2003

Today my cattle WAGN journey into work started 3 minutes earlier than usual - due to the autumn 'leaf-fall' timetable being put into effect. This gives trains extra time to slow-down going into stations when there are wet leaves on the line. The SRA or WAGN haven't found a way of fixing the problem - they've now just built British inability to cope with our own climate into the timetable.

But what really brightened my journey up today was the sight of some new signs along the trackside. Coming into Wood Street or Hackney Downs station from the Liverpool Street direction, the driver is treated to a giant yellow & black hazard warning sign of the ubiquitous autumn leaf! Fantastic British industrial ingenuity at work - we can't do anything about leaves and gravity, but we can make the Health & Safety Executive happy by putting some signs up about it.

Meanwhile WAGN are currently trying to get feedback on their proposed bid for the new Greater Anglia franchise which comes into effect from April next year

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